Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Towards the end of 2010...

It's the 29th.!! Three more days and we're living in 2011. This (almost) past year has been rough on me. I had good times, but overall, I wouldn't say that it was a great year. Emotionally there were lotsa down periods. I was confused, didn't think before I acted, felt lonely... Was I suffering from a depression?? I couldn't really open up to people and most of all I missed the ones-upon-a-times. A year ago everything seemed so much easier.!!
But I did some thinking, and I wanna try doing things differently. Analyzing myself I came to the conclusion that I don't forgive that easily and that things which bother me keep haunting me for a long time. What if that could change. What if I gave everyone a new chance. Something like starting over completely. I wanna try to treat everyone with the same respect I'd like to receive. Maybe I should start asking forgiveness to everyone I might have hurt in a way. I really wanna go for it. I'm not saying it's gonna be easy and that things will change in a snap, but in this new year I just wanna focus on that a lil more. And if everything works out well... 2011 will be my best year ever.!!

Ban Drama, Wear a Smile


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