Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blogger Noob.!!

Hii :)

And there you have it, my first words here in Bloggerville.!! I'm just looking around, trying to figure out if this is really what I'm looking for. Never before have I kept a blog. I mean, I wrote silly notes on hi5 or whatever... but never something this big. What I'm trying to do is to type down my every move from now on. Kinda like a diary, but one I'm sharing with you. 
Talking about diaries... OMG I was a diary freak.!! I have quite a few lying in my drawer. My very first diary was a present from an old neighbour on my 10th birthday. I knew what its purpose was, but I didn't really use it. Until my cousin (my best friend back then) got one too and we came up with the idea to switch diaries weekly. That was our way to keep eachother updated on our lives. It didn't last long though... My cousin caught her big sister reading the diary (it was mine).!! I was embarassed and mad at the same time. We had written about our crushes, guys whom she also knew.!! Our 10 year old minds decided we'd write in code-language from then on... but seriously, it took all the fun away. So we just stopped writing.
On christmas that year I got another diary and this one was from my mum. It was a new beginning. I inked down everything. From where I went to what I had eaten that day. But most of all I filled the pages with stuff about guys I was eyeing :p. Looking back I had TOO MANY crushes.!! My diary became my best friend. She was always the first who'd know about my secrets. She was there for me when I couldn't sleep and even when I wasn't feeling like it, I'd pick her up writing how I felt. I let out all my emotions and only with her I could really be myself. Before I knew it I needed another diary, and another one, and so forth. This went on till I was about 18... 
That was when I started college. Every hour of every day was booked. And the moments that weren't, I was too lazy to pick up my diary. Slowly she got abandoned out of my life. I miss her though... and I regret not writing anymore, cus it feels like the memories of the past 2 years have already vanished.

So that's why I'm starting this blog. Since most of the time I'm on the internet, it shouldn't be that hard to drop a quick update on my life right... I hope I'll be blogging soon.



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