Sunday, November 27, 2011

Burst or Bursted? Either way my bubble popped :(

You know that feeling when you think you look totally cool... only to have your bubble bursted* by some fashion-dummy?! Well I have :(

It's Sunday and like every other Sunday morning I get up and go to church.

Since last Tuesday I'm wearing glasses again. People don't know me with glasses, because I only wore/wear them during class. I got my first pair when I was 15. Those were some ugly purple ones and I can't imagine I was totally crazy about them! Luckily I came to my senses when I had to choose my second one; those were more neutral. But clumsy me sat on them and they broke. Time for new glasses I thought, but every time I was postponing it, until my brother ordered his online. When his package finally came, he wasn't that satisfied with how they looked, but I liked them (on me) and suggested to just order new ones. So that's how I got my new frame. They're black Ray Bans and they do make me look kinda nerdy :p.

 I can survive without them, however I still need them for stuff like reading and recognizing people from a distance.
So this morning I wasn't really in the mood for make-up and i decided to wear my new glasses. Aside from covering up my sleepy face, they perfectly matched my outfit! They made me look more sophisticated. Or so I thought...
As soon as I arrived I got comments on the new "look". People were asking whether they were real or just another accessory of mine. Not that that's a bad thing, but the way they asked it said enough. One girl just literally said they were ugly, without me asking for her opinion! Now that was really mean! But I let it go and didn't respond to that. It's just that I'm not the type of person to comment rudely on things that aren't even my business and it's hard sometimes to accept that not everyone is like me. Luckily I'm still able to listen to myself. I love my glasses and they will keep me company for now :)

Love, M

*(apparently it should be "burst" but I thought that sounded weird)

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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sometimes it's a dilemma whether to say sorry or not... You do regret doing something which might have hurt someone, but what if that person clearly doesn't like to talk about the topic. I know it sounds a bit vague, let's just have a look at my case.
So there's this guy in my class who is usually very involved in whatever we do as a group, talks quite a lot, makes jokes now and then... Just a typical fun classmate. But last week he looked a bit off. Before class had started, some of my mateys and I we're talking about our plans to go to Nickerie with the whole group. So when he arrived, we excitedly told him about the trip, but his reaction was cold. We instantly noticed his outfit: a fancy longsleeve shirt all buttoned up, different shoes, shiny watch AND he had shaved! Now that would explain his behavior: He was going on a date! The most natural thing to do was to start asking questions about who and where and we kinda started teasing him. He kept saying it was nothing, but nobody believed him. Later in class even my teachers (I can't call them professors right...) noticed that he was acting a bit different and even they made a joke about his "date", saying he looked a little nervous. At the end of the day he still didn't wanna tell us and we all went home that evening.
The next day I asked another classmate of mine if she knew what was up with him the day before. She said she didn't know exactly, but as far as she knows him, he does take distance when being teased. Okay so then I knew I shouldn't be making stupid jokes with him.
Three days later we we're in the same building. We would be the only two attending class (cus the others would prepare for their exam the next day). Since we were alone, I dared to ask him again about that day. Explaining the outfit he told me he had to go to his cousin's birthday dinner. I thought it was weird, cus birthdays are supposed to make you happy, and he obviously wasn't. So I asked him why he was being that silent then, on which he answered that thát was something else he wouldn't wanna share.
Later that evening something popped into my head! I could remember something happened 3 years ago, but I wasn't so sure of it. So yesterday I googled around and found out that on that exact day his brother (I think) died in an accident. I felt a little bad. I would've felt horrible if I had lost someone so dear to me while others were making a joke about it.
So I gotta say I'm sorry! It was none of our intention to laugh about something so serious. But I still have my doubts...


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

iPhone Post!

I have just downloaded the Blogger app. I hope this means I will be dropping posts more often now. In my spare-time on campus I can now write random ramblings. If only the internet doesn't let me down...
Talking about the iPhone, I'm thinking about getting an iPad2. I don't have the money yet, cus I still need to get paid, but it looks like such a cool gadget. No need to copy books anymore, no need to bring all those heavy books to campus... And I'll never be bored! But I don't know. Maybe by the time I do get the money, I won't wanna spend it all. I need to start saving so bad! So it could be that I'll just drop it in my bank account and try to have fun with my iPhone.

Xx, M

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New Start?

Now this has been quite a long while... But I'm back! Not that I had forgotten about my blog, I just didn't really have the time to write. Every once in a while I did come back to read my old posts. Some of them were a lil too emo hahaha! But it was really about how I felt in that moment. And that's why I've been hesitating to follow other (local) bloggers on here, because it would be too easy to trace back the people I've mentioned. I wonder if there's any option to hide certain posts... That would be a great feature!
Now back to my life. I did terrible in college this past year! I don't even wanna talk about it. But I'm in a new semester now and I must say that I'm quite motivated. I can roughly say that I spend about 10 hours on campus every day. That's because I have combined my 3rd and 5th semester. So when I come home around 9pm, I'm having dinner, take a bath and go to bed around 10. And there are so many projects we have to work on! But it's interesting. I don't regret choosing Electrical Engineering.
My social life has been a bit on the better side. In 2011 two of my friends came back from abroad so that's a huge yay! It really mattered because they brought back two of the groups I was hanging out with. And though we have busy life's, we still make time for eachother.
There's one more thing I wanna share with you: People keep telling me I'm getting fat! I know I'm not the skinniest anymore, but you don't have to point it out unless you're my lil bro or one of my parents. It's not that I'm not aware of that! Like last time I was in class and this guy next to said "I see your belly". Like so what dude! He was being annoying for a couple of days before (asking for the wrong attention) but that day in class I could've slapped him! But I kept calm. The same with my pimples. I didn't really have acne before, but in the beginning of 2011 I got attacked by the pimple monster. Really people, I know I have zits and stuff on my face! Stop pointing it out! It's not that I'm not doing anything about it... The same with my weight! I'm trying to eat a bit more healthy and exercise now and then. But I'm a busy student and I can't always keep up with the healthy lifestyle. If only people would understand...
My Saturday is young. I'm gonna go do my chores, have breakfast and then start working on my Datacommunications Networks project.

Love, M.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Again :)

Long time no Blog huh... I'm sorry about that. I've been busy with school and stuff and as usual, I didn't feel like writing haha. But I'm back :).

It's another Saturday evening/night spent home. Yes, I'm gonna have lots more of these days. I've decided to spent my time (and money) more wisely now my finals are coming up. It's gonna be a huge challenge, that's for sure. Cus I have 10 exams to do, of which 6 in a row. Can you believe that.!! From Monday to Saturday.!! OK, maybe it will be reduced to 5, cus the last one might be postponed. But still, normally I got 6 in 3 weeks, but this time it's gonna be like BOOM, 10 in 3 weeks O_O. That's why I've started studying this week. I got a month to prepare myself, and I'm going for it. Since I'm in college I haven't been very serious with schoolwork. I used to get good grades. In fact, I was somewhere at the top, an honor student.!! Oh how I miss those times... So now is the time to get back up. I want to prove to myself that the little miss smartypants is still alive somewhere deep inside.
Another reason to stay in these days is that our economy has been very stormy these past few days. Everyone's kinda scared about what's gonna happen the next day, cus we're not sure about how much your money will be worth tomorrow. I'm just praying that God will be with us (I know He always is, I'm just reminding Him hihi).
So the last time I had been out was exactly 2 weeks ago. Actually it were Bro and his friends who planned it, but later on they called me to join them (I joined them a couple of times before, haven't really been hanging with my own friends). I knew we would go dancing, so I wore my flip flops, but when the guys came to pick me up they said the other girl was wearing heels, so I had to wear heels too, otherwise one of us would be feeling lonely... Well... I regretted it shortly after.!! My feet started hurting and it felt like my legs were bending out.!! Luckily I had some flip-flops in the car, and even if they looked far from GLAM, I didn't mind, cus comfort comes first. We went to some club, danced till 5 (we only stayed 1 1/2 hour), went home... Now the challenge started: We had to be in church at 9.30... and if we went to sleep, we definetely wouldn't wake up on time. So we decided to keep eachother awake. Bro just went to bed, he knew I would be waking him up, but the others and I were online, keeping track of eachother. When I arrived home I went straight to the shower, washed my hair (cus clubs make your hair smell like nasty smoke), did my chores and waited on the time behind my lappie. That Sunday we were all on time(something that never really happened) and I finally got some sleep after church

(I finished this blog today 20/02, started writing but got corrupted somewhere, so sorry for that)

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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm sitting on my bed and right here is where I've spent most of my time today. It's 5PM already and I still haven't showered. I know, grosss... LOL. But if it makes things less worse I did go brush my teeth *_*. I woke up this morning around 9 to check if my download was ready (it was) and I put another torrent to be downloaded. Then I went back to sleep till 12.30. Since a few days I've become somewhat obsessed with this "new" (to me it was) tv serie Pretty Little Liars. Someone I follow, macbarbie07, tweeted about it the other day, and it got my attention. With little I knew about the series I asked my friend J to download it for me, since his download speed is 4x greater than mine. But I got a little too excited, so the same day I asked him I downloaded the 1st episode myself. I watched it and I didn't expect to see some familiar faces. E.g. Piper from Charmed, Carson from one of the Bring It On's,  and the little sister from Privileged (forgot her name, she plays Aria in PLL). As you can tell from the name, it would be about lies, but more importantly it's about the secrets the pretty little's are keeping from others AND eachother. The lies are just made up to protect the juicy secrets. The 1st episode starts with a sleepover of the 5, where one of them, Alison, went missing. Then the story jumps to a year later, present time. The red line is the investigation of the disappearance, and finding out who the mysterious -A is. -A has been haunting the 4, and knows things only Alison would've known. It's pretty interesting and it's a good substitute for both 90210 and Gossip Girl. Guess I have 3 faves right now. I used to watch One Tree Hill too, but I got lost somewhere, and it's just too much to download right now. I'll catch up on that some other time. So today I've watched the last two episodes of PLL that were out. I cannot wait for Monday, when episode 12 will be out. And after that it's waiting on the 24th, new 90210. Yay I love those series.!!
Another thing I've been addicted to, was Brain Buddies on facebook. I started playing it right before I would go to bed, around 00.30 and six hours later my friend D had to send me to bed, otherwise I'd still be playing. This game tests your brain (BRAIN buddies LOL) on different areas: memory, logic, calculation and visuality Each of your friends who are playing it are being ranked and the fun part is that you compete with the person above you. After playing for 2hours I finally got to 2500 sth points. I suggest my friend to play it and in his 1st game he scores over 2500.!! Unbelievable how stupid I felt. I went on with it for a couple of hours more, and still I didn't get over 3000. The highscore among my friends is over 4000, and the friend I was talking about got 3rd place that same night (or uuh... it was morning already). Around 7.30 my friend sent me to bed. Yes, he had to send me, cus I still felt like I had so much energy and I would go on until I had beaten some more people. But I listened to him, cus ideas of the chinese guy who died while gaming continuously were circling round mah head. I waited till my mom went to work, took a shower and then forced myself to sleep. I woke up a few hours later (around 12??) and I didn't feel tired at all. It got me thinking, maybe it was because that game really improves your brains. It's a fun game, and hey, if it's developing my brain even more, what else do I want.!!
I noticed that I've been writing for an hour now. Really had no idea it took this long for me to type down a simple post haha. Anyways, I have bored you enough with my crap, I'm out.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear you,

I know I haven't uploaded a new post since 2010 (ok, it was only 6 days), but I'm back.!! These past few days I just didn't have the time and energy to blog, but today I'm telling you all about it, so no need to worry.
What you gotta know is that here in Suriname New Year's Eve is the biggest celebration of the year. Lots of festivities are being held in honor of this day, but the ultimate hotspot is still the "pagara-estafette" in downtown Par'bo. So that's where I went to that late morning. My dad dropped my cousin, my brother, one of his friends and me off on the edge of the city, because there was just no getting through. It was very crowded.!! People from all over the country came I guess. Besides the pagaras, there was music everywhere. If it wasn't from one of the stages, it came outta a fully loaded car parked alongside the road. And as usual SSW on the big truck. Poor girls, they were burning in the sun from dancing on the roof of that truck, but they seemed to have lotsa fun. Oeh.!! I took a picture with the 2 leading actors of the latest Suriname production called SURINAME. I know how it feels to be recognized for your work, so I didn't hesitate asking them for a piccie.

Jerry M, Rodney C, Me, and the "very important" man xD

We went home round 3... where I tried taking a nap, but I just couldn't get myself to it. Around 5 I took a shower and got ready for church, our owru jari service. Although I felt weary, we went to 't Vat after that. It felt a little different from all the other years. Didn't really enjoy myself. We went home around 10, took a shower right away and got ready to go to bed. Luckily I was still up at 00.00. Happy New Yearrrr.!! A friend of my bro stopped by to give us his wishes, and shortly after my friend (and her bf) also came. We talked for a while... After they left, I finally went to bed. Here at home we don't really celebrate these things, but I know for sure that I will when I have my own family.

Dunno what's up with me today, but I don't really feel like writing. So I'm leaving you with these photos from my pagara journey.

(This was written yesterday, I was trying to upload more pics, but they failed, I'm sorry, so today I'm posting this blog)


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