Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Again :)

Long time no Blog huh... I'm sorry about that. I've been busy with school and stuff and as usual, I didn't feel like writing haha. But I'm back :).
It's another Saturday evening/night spent home. Yes, I'm gonna have lots more of these days. I've decided to spent my time (and money) more wisely now my finals are coming up. It's gonna be a huge challenge, that's for sure. Cus I have 10 exams to do, of which 6 in a row. Can you believe that.!! From Monday to Saturday.!! OK, maybe it will be reduced to 5, cus the last one might be postponed. But still, normally I got 6 in 3 weeks, but this time it's gonna be like BOOM, 10 in 3 weeks O_O. That's why I've started studying this week. I got a month to prepare myself, and I'm going for it. Since I'm in college I haven't been very serious with schoolwork. I used to get good grades. In fact, I was somewhere at the top, an honor student.!! Oh how I miss those times... So now is the time to get back up. I want to prove to myself that the little miss smartypants is still alive somewhere deep inside.
Another reason to stay in these days is that our economy has been very stormy these past few days. Everyone's kinda scared about what's gonna happen the next day, cus we're not sure about how much your money will be worth tomorrow. I'm just praying that God will be with us (I know He always is, I'm just reminding Him hihi).
So the last time I had been out was exactly 2 weeks ago. Actually it were Bro and his friends who planned it, but later on they called me to join them (I joined them a couple of times before, haven't really been hanging with my own friends). I knew we would go dancing, so I wore my flip flops, but when the guys came to pick me up they said the other girl was wearing heels, so I had to wear heels too, otherwise one of us would be feeling lonely... Well... I regretted it shortly after.!! My feet started hurting and it felt like my legs were bending out.!! Luckily I had some flip-flops in the car, and even if they looked far from GLAM, I didn't mind, cus comfort comes first. We went to some club, danced till 5 (we only stayed 1 1/2 hour), went home... Now the challenge started: We had to be in church at 9.30... and if we went to sleep, we definetely wouldn't wake up on time. So we decided to keep eachother awake. Bro just went to bed, he knew I would be waking him up, but the others and I were online, keeping track of eachother. When I arrived home I went straight to the shower, washed my hair (cus clubs make your hair smell like nasty smoke), did my chores and waited on the time behind my lappie. That Sunday we were all on time(something that never really happened) and I finally got some sleep after church

(I finished this blog today 20/02, started writing but got corrupted somewhere, so sorry for that)


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