Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Start?

Now this has been quite a long while... But I'm back! Not that I had forgotten about my blog, I just didn't really have the time to write. Every once in a while I did come back to read my old posts. Some of them were a lil too emo hahaha! But it was really about how I felt in that moment. And that's why I've been hesitating to follow other (local) bloggers on here, because it would be too easy to trace back the people I've mentioned. I wonder if there's any option to hide certain posts... That would be a great feature!
Now back to my life. I did terrible in college this past year! I don't even wanna talk about it. But I'm in a new semester now and I must say that I'm quite motivated. I can roughly say that I spend about 10 hours on campus every day. That's because I have combined my 3rd and 5th semester. So when I come home around 9pm, I'm having dinner, take a bath and go to bed around 10. And there are so many projects we have to work on! But it's interesting. I don't regret choosing Electrical Engineering.
My social life has been a bit on the better side. In 2011 two of my friends came back from abroad so that's a huge yay! It really mattered because they brought back two of the groups I was hanging out with. And though we have busy life's, we still make time for eachother.
There's one more thing I wanna share with you: People keep telling me I'm getting fat! I know I'm not the skinniest anymore, but you don't have to point it out unless you're my lil bro or one of my parents. It's not that I'm not aware of that! Like last time I was in class and this guy next to said "I see your belly". Like so what dude! He was being annoying for a couple of days before (asking for the wrong attention) but that day in class I could've slapped him! But I kept calm. The same with my pimples. I didn't really have acne before, but in the beginning of 2011 I got attacked by the pimple monster. Really people, I know I have zits and stuff on my face! Stop pointing it out! It's not that I'm not doing anything about it... The same with my weight! I'm trying to eat a bit more healthy and exercise now and then. But I'm a busy student and I can't always keep up with the healthy lifestyle. If only people would understand...
My Saturday is young. I'm gonna go do my chores, have breakfast and then start working on my Datacommunications Networks project.

Love, M.


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