Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm sitting on my bed and right here is where I've spent most of my time today. It's 5PM already and I still haven't showered. I know, grosss... LOL. But if it makes things less worse I did go brush my teeth *_*. I woke up this morning around 9 to check if my download was ready (it was) and I put another torrent to be downloaded. Then I went back to sleep till 12.30. Since a few days I've become somewhat obsessed with this "new" (to me it was) tv serie Pretty Little Liars. Someone I follow, macbarbie07, tweeted about it the other day, and it got my attention. With little I knew about the series I asked my friend J to download it for me, since his download speed is 4x greater than mine. But I got a little too excited, so the same day I asked him I downloaded the 1st episode myself. I watched it and I didn't expect to see some familiar faces. E.g. Piper from Charmed, Carson from one of the Bring It On's,  and the little sister from Privileged (forgot her name, she plays Aria in PLL). As you can tell from the name, it would be about lies, but more importantly it's about the secrets the pretty little's are keeping from others AND eachother. The lies are just made up to protect the juicy secrets. The 1st episode starts with a sleepover of the 5, where one of them, Alison, went missing. Then the story jumps to a year later, present time. The red line is the investigation of the disappearance, and finding out who the mysterious -A is. -A has been haunting the 4, and knows things only Alison would've known. It's pretty interesting and it's a good substitute for both 90210 and Gossip Girl. Guess I have 3 faves right now. I used to watch One Tree Hill too, but I got lost somewhere, and it's just too much to download right now. I'll catch up on that some other time. So today I've watched the last two episodes of PLL that were out. I cannot wait for Monday, when episode 12 will be out. And after that it's waiting on the 24th, new 90210. Yay I love those series.!!
Another thing I've been addicted to, was Brain Buddies on facebook. I started playing it right before I would go to bed, around 00.30 and six hours later my friend D had to send me to bed, otherwise I'd still be playing. This game tests your brain (BRAIN buddies LOL) on different areas: memory, logic, calculation and visuality Each of your friends who are playing it are being ranked and the fun part is that you compete with the person above you. After playing for 2hours I finally got to 2500 sth points. I suggest my friend to play it and in his 1st game he scores over 2500.!! Unbelievable how stupid I felt. I went on with it for a couple of hours more, and still I didn't get over 3000. The highscore among my friends is over 4000, and the friend I was talking about got 3rd place that same night (or uuh... it was morning already). Around 7.30 my friend sent me to bed. Yes, he had to send me, cus I still felt like I had so much energy and I would go on until I had beaten some more people. But I listened to him, cus ideas of the chinese guy who died while gaming continuously were circling round mah head. I waited till my mom went to work, took a shower and then forced myself to sleep. I woke up a few hours later (around 12??) and I didn't feel tired at all. It got me thinking, maybe it was because that game really improves your brains. It's a fun game, and hey, if it's developing my brain even more, what else do I want.!!
I noticed that I've been writing for an hour now. Really had no idea it took this long for me to type down a simple post haha. Anyways, I have bored you enough with my crap, I'm out.


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear you,

I know I haven't uploaded a new post since 2010 (ok, it was only 6 days), but I'm back.!! These past few days I just didn't have the time and energy to blog, but today I'm telling you all about it, so no need to worry.
What you gotta know is that here in Suriname New Year's Eve is the biggest celebration of the year. Lots of festivities are being held in honor of this day, but the ultimate hotspot is still the "pagara-estafette" in downtown Par'bo. So that's where I went to that late morning. My dad dropped my cousin, my brother, one of his friends and me off on the edge of the city, because there was just no getting through. It was very crowded.!! People from all over the country came I guess. Besides the pagaras, there was music everywhere. If it wasn't from one of the stages, it came outta a fully loaded car parked alongside the road. And as usual SSW on the big truck. Poor girls, they were burning in the sun from dancing on the roof of that truck, but they seemed to have lotsa fun. Oeh.!! I took a picture with the 2 leading actors of the latest Suriname production called SURINAME. I know how it feels to be recognized for your work, so I didn't hesitate asking them for a piccie.

Jerry M, Rodney C, Me, and the "very important" man xD

We went home round 3... where I tried taking a nap, but I just couldn't get myself to it. Around 5 I took a shower and got ready for church, our owru jari service. Although I felt weary, we went to 't Vat after that. It felt a little different from all the other years. Didn't really enjoy myself. We went home around 10, took a shower right away and got ready to go to bed. Luckily I was still up at 00.00. Happy New Yearrrr.!! A friend of my bro stopped by to give us his wishes, and shortly after my friend (and her bf) also came. We talked for a while... After they left, I finally went to bed. Here at home we don't really celebrate these things, but I know for sure that I will when I have my own family.

Dunno what's up with me today, but I don't really feel like writing. So I'm leaving you with these photos from my pagara journey.

(This was written yesterday, I was trying to upload more pics, but they failed, I'm sorry, so today I'm posting this blog)


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