Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Money, don't go.!!

It was 8.30 when mom entered my room to wake me up. I really hate to be woken up in the morning (especially when I don't have to go to school). Very annoyed I opened my eyes to hear her asking me to help her search for a birthday present (my neighbor will be turning 65 tomorrow). Ugh... taking a shower was the last thing on my mind that moment, so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, or at least I was trying to. After about half an hour of forcing my eyes to stay shut, I finally decided to get outta bed. It would be rude not to go, because then she'd be shopping on her own and that can be pretty boring. But also this would be an opportunity to have some mother-daughter time.
There was so much traffic. Everyone's doing some last moment shopping for the festivities around New Year's Eve and New Year itself. I was hoping to find me some cute tops, cus my wardrobe is almost empty... and the stuff that I do have, needs to be downgraded to homewear. I didn't have many options, for I refused to go in shops that were too crowded. In a small shop on Spanhoek I found a grey strapless top, it's cute, I love it, but the price was quite a downer. Normally I get these kinda thingies for half the price, but I couldn't complain, since I didn't wanna go into the other stores. The owner gave me a small discount, so that made it easier. Don't you just like getting discounts? Even if it doesn't make that much of a difference, when good comes after bad it somehow makes you happy. Other than my top I bought some Avon lipglosses. I tried these at home and I'm not very pleased. Next time imma stick to my Milani's. I also bought a perfume, Versace pour femme. My brother has the Versace pour homme, and I love that smell. So I thought that if the men version is good, the female version should be too right. And I was right haha.!! So this one is joining my Babyphat Fabulosity and Make me Wonder. Next on the list is the Miss Dior Cherie. I still need to save a lot of dough, cus this one is quite expensive and I'm only collecting the 100ml bottles. But the smell is totally worth it. Kinda like the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, but a little more trendy. Oh yeah, I got some hairproducts too, cus with all this heat I'm using on my hair, my strands are crying for some decent protectors.
And that's all I bought. Now my wallet is empty, so no partying for me. I might go check out the public places, but I need to go a little slower on spending money. In 2011 I want to save 1/3 of my allowance, because I seriously need to start saving again like old times.

Now I'm tired, I need to rest.


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